What About The Father of The Bride?

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January 8, 2015
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There’s a lot of hype about the mother of the bride. What about the father of the bride? He’s the backbone of the family. Yet, there’s not much said about him. He seems to be the invisible man in the background. But, the father of the bride plays a significant role before, during and after your wedding.

Apart from his wedding duties, the fact that his little girl is now a matured woman who will be starting a new life is a big deal. Your father protected you, cared for you, nurtured you and watched you develop into a beautiful woman. After you’re married, daddy’s cherished daughter will be another man’s wife. Your new husband will become the most significant man in your life from that moment.

As the father of the bride, he deserves credit. Let’s look at how valuable he is, as the one who holds the key to some important aspects of your big day.


He will give you away to your husband-to-be

‘Giving you away’ is the traditional term used for when your father hands you over to your husband-to-be. This significant occasion is a turning point in your life and your father’s life. It’s also an emotional moment for your father, which is bound to tug at his heartstrings. While he’s walking you down the aisle, memories of you growing up will probably be running through his mind.

You’ve been his responsibility since birth.  But, after you’ve exchanged vows he will give you up to start a brand new life.


He is expected to pay for your wedding

By tradition, the father of the bride pays for the wedding. Although, it’s common these days for the couple to meet most of the expenses, with extra financial help from the groom’s parents. However, your father is still expected to contribute towards the costs. If he’s the old-fashioned type, he will insist on footing all, or most of the wedding bill.

As soon as you decide to get married, discuss the budget with your father. It’s only fair as he will be dipping his hands deep into his pockets. So, sit with him and go through the wedding plans. Together you can set an affordable budget that won’t break the bank.


He’s responsible for giving a memorable wedding speech

Your father will spend time perfecting his speech to deliver at the reception. Most dads can’t help trying to be a comedian when given the limelight to shine. He’ll probably embarrass you by telling your baby stories that should be best left untold. Forgive him. This is his time to shine. He will want everyone to hear his most precious memories about you.

During his speech he will also thank the guests for attending. Plus, applaud those who helped with the wedding planning. And he will pour out his feelings about his new son-in-law, followed by a toast to the newly married couple.


He’s one of the proudest people as he dances with his daughter

The father and daughter dance is a special and happy occasion. Cherish this beautiful moment. He surely will. The song choice should be one you both like and feel comfortable dancing with together. It might be a good idea to practice before the big day. Especially if you feel nervous about stepping on your dad’s feet. You’re from different generations, so your styles of dancing probably won’t be the same.


He will sort things out during and after the reception

Someone has to keep an eye on the food and drinks during the reception. Your father is the best person to take control and make sure supplies do not run low. He will look after the guests, so they are happy and well fed. He will also make sure your presents are collected and organised for delivery to your new home. And he won’t leave the reception until all the guests have gone and the place is tidy and clean.


The father of the bride is a gem when it comes to planning and being part of your special day. He should be given as much appreciation and recognition as other members of the wedding party.


This is one of the first of a series of articles titled ‘What About The…’ I will be writing about the groom, maid of honour, best man, the groom’s parents, mother of the groom, etc. They deserve to be highlighted, because without them your wedding would be dry like the Sahara desert. Look out for the next article, coming soon.


Feature image via Flickr by David Clow

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