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Wedding Cake Alternatives

in Wedding Cakes
June 23, 2015
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A wedding celebration is never ever complete without a towering multi-layered wedding cake but many couples these days look for wedding cake alternatives. The wedding cake is a tradition that symbolises good fortune, happiness and fertility. But apart from that, wedding cakes have also become the piece de resistance of the celebration to a certain extent. So, would ever consider and could you ever imagine a wedding celebration without the delectable wedding cake?

Well, here are some equally delectable dessert alternatives that will certainly make you think that a wedding cake is not always the way to go.

Mini Cakes

The obvious next best thing to the grandiose wedding cake is the mini version of it – cupcakes! And they have become quite a hit as of late. The flavors are endless – from the classic vanilla cupcake to the more sophisticated Matcha green tea mini cakes. It can be displayed in a tower or laid out in a cake sheet. And best thing about it is, your guests can simply take one and eat away.

Photo Credit: Clare's Cakes London



If you are big on sweets, you can certainly satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth with a candy bar – from cotton candies, lollipops, M&Ms and gummy bears. To add your personal touch to your candy bar, you can also include your favorite homemade confection that you want to share with your guests.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Kilgast


Homemade Pies

Everyone has at least one pie that sends you back to childhood nostalgia. A buffet table of different homemade pie choices is a great way to delight your guests with a dessert and a cherished memory. Great choices are chocolate pudding, bannoffee pie, blueberry and apple crumble and rhubarb pie.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Siegel


Go Willy Wonka

Let your guests in your own chocolate factory with an array of chocolate choices – chocolate bars, truffles, cookies and brownies. A fountain of luscious milk chocolate can also serve as a great centerpiece, where your guests can dip marshmallows, fruit slices and crackers much to their delight.

Photo Credit: Chris Blakeley


Frosted Delight

Perfect for a summer wedding. You can have a mini ice cream stand with three to five flavor choices and a variety of sprinkles and toppings. Or for a healthier option, you can serve sherbets of seasonal fruits or yogurt ice cream topped with fresh fruit choices.

Photo Credit: Stijn Nieuwendijk


Dessert in a Jar

They can eat it at your reception or bring it home to enjoy. Desserts-in-a-jar are creative options that have become quite a trend recently. You can go with a fancy layer cake or go traditional with a chocolate pudding. Not only is this a fun alternative to the wedding cake, it is also an excellent wedding favor.

Photo Credit: Larry Halff


Go French

When it comes to desserts, you have to give to the French. Impress your guests with a display and serving of croquembouche. This is a traditional French pastry consisting of a cone tower of soft, bite-size cream pastry and drizzled with wispy sugar ribbons of caramel syrup.

Photo Credit: Fred Owesley

Cakes on a Stick

If you want to go smaller than a cupcake for your dessert, then your guests will surely love cake pops. These are cute, fun and bite size alternatives to the wedding cake.

Photo Credit: Θάνος Ζώης


Go Nuts with Donuts

Who does not love donuts? This is a perfect dessert choice for an afternoon wedding. Not is it an all-time favorite, the colorful frosting will make a good presentation when laid in a dessert buffet table.

Photo Credit: Garrett Ziegler


Refined Confection

But if you want to feel sophisticated and refined, macaroons are great dessert alternatives for your wedding. This sweet confection is also an excellent way to incorporate your color motif into your reception party.

These sweet treat options certainly prove that a wedding cake is not the only wedding dessert that can make a grand statement.Photo Credit: Jonas Tana

Photo Credit: Flickr: Irina Patrascu Georghita, Clare’s Cupcakes London, Stephanie Kilgast, Rebecca Siegel, Chris Blakeley, Stijn Nieuwendijk, Larry Halff, Fred Owesley, Θάνος Ζώης, Garrett Ziegler, Jonas Tana.

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