Your Wedding Beauty Regime: 6 Months to Perfection

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July 19, 2017
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Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to do before your wedding day and a guide to attaining perfection in six months.


6 months before the wedding day: Hair and Skin

* Think about the length and colour of hair you’d like on your big day. Visit a consultant or hairdresser to see what style would suit you the best and whether you need any treatments in preparation.

* Consult a dermatologist about whether you have dry, oily or combination skin and purchase a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Start using all three daily, in the morning and at night, so that you create a good base for your wedding makeup.


5 months before the wedding day: Body

* Make sure that body exfoliation becomes part of your shower routine and use products like Tend Skin Liquid Solution to treat ingrown hairs and razor burn.

* Regular exercise that helps you lose weight and tone up can also make you feel better on a spiritual level. Have a session with a personal trainer or join your local gym.


4 months before the wedding day: Face

* Start researching makeup and hair artists and have trials with at least five different people. Remember to ask the artist to take your picture so you can revisit the look before you make your final decision. And, see how photogenic the style is.

* Think about whether you would like your eyebrows threaded, waxed or dyed at this point as the shape can change the shape of your face dramatically.


3 months before the wedding day: Teeth

* Book an appointment at your dentist even if you are not having any issues. Some tooth problems take time to fester. Regardless of whether or not you’re in pain, you don’t want a cavity or a crack in your tooth to leave you in agony on the day of your wedding.

* The tooth whitening trend can be expensive to keep up with. Although, at home kits which are just as effective can be a cheaper alternative and can be bought from websites like Wowcher and Groupon.


2 months before the wedding day: Organisation

* Ensure that your hair and makeup team know where to go on the day. Set out a timeline of when they’ll be working on you and your bridesmaids. This will mean that you get the attention and time you need on your big day.

* Start packing a bag of everything that you will need on your wedding day. If you forget anything, you have more than enough time to add it to your bridal bag. Beauty essentials would be your foundation in case the shade the makeup artist uses on the day is not accurate. Likewise, mascara as to not risk conjunctivitis if new wands are not used. And false eyelashes if you have a favourite brand.


1 month before the wedding day: Nails

* If you’re a nail biter, now’s the time to stop. You’ll want to ask your photographer to take a picture of your new ring on the day and it’ll look so much better if your fingers aren’t nibbled.

* Book your manicure and pedicure appointments for the day before your wedding. It’s also a good idea to go and talk to the person who will be doing your nails and pick your colours in advance. You can always change your mind later but having one more decision made can is one less worry for you.


1 day before the wedding day: Last minute preparation

* Wash your hair and use a conditioning treatment that you’ve tested before.

* Put on a face mask and have a soak in the bath.


The wedding day

* Shower five hours before the ceremony and moisturise your body.

* Get your hair styled three hours before.

* Get your makeup applied one hour before the ceremony.

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