The Top 8 Wedding Bouquet Flowers

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December 22, 2014
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No matter how grand or how simple your wedding celebration is, the wedding bouquet is an important focal point, apart from your wedding gown itself. But more than how it complements your gown and its beauty, the bridal bouquet holds a significant traditional importance to the celebration.

In the olden times, flowers in a wedding celebration symbolized fertility, as well as to drive the evil spirits away and keep the union joyful and harmonious. It bears the message of love between the bride and groom, as each flower holds a different meaning.

So you see, choosing the flowers for your wedding bouquet is not just about what looks pretty with your dress. Here are the top 8 wedding bouquet flowers that are as lovely as they look, like the meanings behind them.


1. Rose

The rose is the universal symbol of love and beauty. You can never go wrong with roses. You can compliment a white gown with a bouquet of white roses to symbolize a happy love or a bunch of deep red roses to embody sincere and passionate love. Pink roses are also great for weddings as it signifies perfect happiness, while yellow roses epitomize the promise of a new beginning.

David austin rose 1


 2. Calla Lily

The calla lily is an excellent all-year round wedding flower. It is simple, elegant and classic that embodies chastity, purity and fertility. While a pristine white calla lily is a perfect choice, the colored-tip variety is a stunning option. Also, pink and purple calla lilies are excellent color choices.

calla lily


3. Tulip

Elegant simplicity is what tulip is all about. A red tulip gives true meaning to pure love, while the yellow tulip embodies cheerful thoughts. Meanings aside, a bouquet of tulips of different pastel colors is a clever way to add splashes of color without overpowering your dress.


4. Hydrangea

Amidst the autumn reds and oranges, the hydrangea is the perfect touch of blue (or purple) for a fall wedding. The vibrant small florets represent sincerity and heartfelt emotions. It is one of the most moderately priced flowers that can be a great filler to a bouquet, or stand on its own.

bride-510841_640 (1)


5. Lily of the Valley

The fragrant, small bell-shaped flower of the lily of the valley exudes humility, sweetness and the return to happiness. It can be expensive and meticulous to arrange, but it is the perfect flower of choice for a cascading bouquet.

Lily of the valley


6. Peony

The lushness of the sweet peony is symbolic of the good fortune and happiness in a marriage. A combination of peonies in deep red, blush pink and cream adds a pop of passion and romance to your wedding look.


7. Gardenia

The sweet scent of gardenia is an excellent summer wedding flower that will fill the warm air with its fragrant smell. It is a perfect choice for the true romantics. The pure white variety is an excellent alternative to the traditional white roses, making it a popular choice for weddings.



8. Orchid

Love and strength – wouldn’t you want your union with these characteristics? If so, then the exotic beauty of orchids is a great choice for your wedding bouquet. Simple, yet it exudes grace and elegance. The orchid is great for a winter or spring wedding.



When picking out your wedding bouquet flowers, do not limit yourself to just one type of flower. Feel free to mix and match. What is important is that it creates an impression, not just on how beautiful it looks, but on the meaning of the love between you and your groom.

Feature image via Flickr by Karen Morgan

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