Kamilah and Maxwell's real wedding featured on Creme de la Bride

Kamilah and Maxwell’s Traditional Christian Wedding

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April 16, 2016
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The ceremony was special because it was performed by a pastor that knew both of us well…’ Read all about Kamilah and Maxwell’s traditional Christian wedding, straight from the bride’s lips!

Bride: Kamilah Clayton

Groom: Maxwell Agyman

Wedding Date: November 1, 2015

Ceremony Location: The Estates of Sunnybrook (Vaughan Estates) 

Why did you choose this location?

I had been to a wedding there before, and attended yearly corporate events there too. The food and setting were just what I was looking for, and my partner and I get discounts as we both work at Sunnybrook Hospital.


Kamilah-Maxwell-Wedding-0977/Samantha Ong Photography-as featured on Creme de la Bride

Describe your bridal style. 

My dress was from David’s Bridal with a long veil. My style for the day was simple and clean. I wore pearls for my jewellery and had my hair pulled to the side in a soft bun.

What is the style of wedding?

We didn’t actually have a theme for the day. I (Kamilah) chose things that I like most and put all those things together in one room. If I had to describe the day, I’d say it was simple, classic, inviting, and cute. Our colours are navy blue, white and silver/grey.

How many guests did you have? 

148 guests; they were a mix of family and friends.

Kamilah-Maxwell-Wedding-0092/Samantha Ong Photography-featured on Creme de la Bride

Kamilah-Maxwell-Wedding-0098/Samantha Ong Photography-featured on Creme de la Bride

Other details

Bridesmaids wore silver jewellery and matching silver shoes with their navy blue dresses. Their hair will be pulled up in a simple bun.

Groomsmen wore the same style of suit ass the groom but in grey, with their own black shoes

Max wore a navy blue suit with black shoes.

The flowers (all white) was a mixture of roses, hydrangeas and mums.

Wedding Budget/$45,000

Kamilah-Maxwell-Wedding-0347/Samantha Ong Photography-featured in Creme de la Bride

Give us the scoop on the ceremony and the elements that made it special. 

Our ceremony was a traditional Christian ceremony. It was special because it was performed by a pastor that knew us both well, as individuals, and as a new couple. The ceremony was light and fun, without compromising traditional Christian elements. Unlike most weddings we’ve been to, our ceremony was short and sweet, and left time for us to mingle with our guests during the cocktail hour and reception.

Kamilah-Maxwell-Wedding-0603/Samantha Ong Photography-featured on Creme de la Bride

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What type of food did you serve at your wedding reception and how was it served? 

We had a seated plated dinner, offering guests the option of beef tenderloin, chicken, or vegetarian. We fell in love with all the meal options during our tasting, and knew that our guests would love it too. As we walked around the room during the reception, we received a lot of compliments about our selections, and for those that didn’t speak, we were able to catch a glimpse of their empty plates!

Kamilah-Maxwell-Wedding-0657/Samantha Ong Photography-featured on Creme de la Bride

Tell us about the entertainment – did you have a first dance?

Our DJ was our long time friend and popular Toronto DJ, Brenton B. Brent is the first vendor we booked for our wedding, because we knew he would deliver, keeping us and our guests entertained.

During our cocktail hour we had Steel Pannist extraordinaire – Earl La Pierre aka E Man. It was very important for my Caribbean heritage to be incorporated into the day. Earl brought our guests to the Islands and back again; he was such a great addition to our special day.

Our first dance immediately followed our grand entrance. It was such a magical moment for us, and we still replay it in our minds and hearts.

Wedding song and why you chose it.

We danced to John Legend’s ‘So High’. The song embodies how we’ve felt since we began our journey together. It’s such as soft a beautiful song, and it felt as though time had stood still for us.

Kamilah-Maxwell-Wedding-0233/Samantha Ong Photography-featured on Creme de la Bride

Your top 3 best moments and why

  1. Our first look – It was such an emotional moment for us. It was then that everything felt real….that all our hard work was coming together in the most beautiful of ways.
  2. Mother/Son & Father/Daughter dance – This moment was special because we both honoured our own and each other’s parents by dancing with them. The moment was made even more special because both my father and stepfather danced with me.It was quite significant for me because they both had a tremendous role in raising me, and I felt they both deserved to be acknowledged in this very special way.
  3. Our Speeches – Up to the very end, my husband was adamant that he was not going to offer a speech, so after I finished mine and was preparing to sit down, he gently held my hand and whispered ‘You didn’t think I’d let you be the only one to offer a speech, did you?’ And with his beautiful smile, he offered an amazing thank you and acknowledgement to our family and guests.

Kamilah-Maxwell-Wedding-0198/Samantha Ong Photography-featured on Creme de la Bride

What were some of the challenges you faced while planning your wedding?

  • Our biggest challenge was an ever increasing budget, but at the end of it all, our day was even better than we expected.
  • A tight day of timeline made it difficult to determine what elements of a traditional wedding to include or exclude.
  • Our small venue capacity meant that we needed to be very selective with our guest list.


Kamilah-Maxwell-Wedding-0608/Samantha Ong Photography-featured on Creme de la Bride

The most important lesson you learned / best piece of advice you would pass on to other brides

Don’t follow a script. Remember that this is one of the most important days you’ll ever experience, and you want to make sure that the most important people and details are a part of it. Your friends and family will always have helpful advice, but if it doesn’t fit with what you envision your day to be, it’s okay to say ‘thank you for the suggestion, I’ll take it under advisement’, and then do what you really want 🙂


Our honeymoon was perfect. We almost didn’t take one due to going way over budget, but my mother insisted and gave it to us as our wedding gift. We went to the birthplace of my parents and my personal favourite – Jamaica. It was the best time that we had ever spent together!


Photo credit: Samantha Ong Photography 

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