So Your Period Strikes On Your Wedding Day – Stay Calm And Carry On!

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July 9, 2016
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After months of appointments, trials, bookings, fittings, rehearsals and planning everything down the last minuscule detail, the big day is finally here! Unfortunately, so is your period. Brilliant. Though it’s tempting to call the whole thing off, bury yourself under the covers and just hide away from the world, remember that this isn’t the end of the world! Here are some things you can do to help get through this difficult time and enjoy your wedding like nothing has happened.

Tampons and Pads

In the months leading up to the wedding, stock up on tampons and pads in case of an emergency such as this. Opt for super-absorbent tampons like Tampax to provide maximum protection against any sort of leakage. For pads a good choice for any occasion is Always Ultra Night because they’re long, have wings, neutralise any odour and again, are super-absorbent. Panty liners aren’t generally recommended if you experience medium to heavy flows as they would have to be changed more often and there is a higher risk of leakages, but if your flow is light on the first day then they can be a fair alternative.

Wearing both a tampon and pad will give you extra protection against any sort of leaking. Make sure you have spares in your emergency kit and with your trusty maid of honour. 



There’s nothing worse than enduring your period on an empty stomach, so it’s absolutely vital that you don’t skip any meals. The key is to drink and eat frequently but strategically. You want to keep your meals throughout the day small, simple and light in order to avoid water retention and bloating. Stay away from processed and packaged foods, as they are high in salt, sugar and sodium. So step away from whatever it is you’re craving – zinc and iron are what you need young lady!

Your meals on the big day should include leafy greens (like spinach and kale), root vegetables (like carrots, beetroot and swede), lean red meat, marmite (if you’re that sort) or Bovril. More foods that can help alleviate cramps and pain include oily fish, raw nuts and seeds, apples, berries, oatmeal, yoghurt, whole grains, avocados, citrus fruits, broccoli, tofu, boiled egg and sweet potatoes. By eating small portions regularly throughout the day, you’ll notice the discomfort gradually subside.

root vegetables

Sugar cravings are pretty much inevitable, so opt for natural sugars found in fruits instead of processed ones. And if you have to have chocolate, have it as dark as possible!

Water works

Don’t go anywhere near coffee and carbonated drinks on your wedding day. Instead make sure you’re drinking adequate amounts of water. Warm milk can also help as calcium and Vitamin D act as muscle relaxants and help ease cramps, aches and pains. If you’re lactose intolerant then turn to foods like nuts, soya and sesame seeds that are high in calcium. Caffeine-free teas can also be effective, and chamomile tea in particular can help relax muscles and reduce the tension that leads to anxiety and irritability. Ginger tea is especially good at relieving nausea and bloating.

drinking water

Though it’s a less than ideal situation, with these simple steps you’ll be set to kick anything the menstrual blues throw at you. Relax, smile and hold your head up high as you walk down that aisle. Nothing should stop you from enjoying your special day!


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