The Modern Couple, Giving Away and Cheese Roulades

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April 17, 2016
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“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”—Maya Angelou

When I first saw a cheese roulade wedding cake,  I remember screwing my nose up and thinking this will never take off!

Modern wedding cake alternative by The CheeseWorks at Creme de la Bride

Fast forward a few years and although it’s on the quirky side, the familiar look and smell of these cheese-craft masterpieces is now accepted as part of the plan. I’m sure Maya was not suggesting that swapping fruit cake for cheese would make you feel like a new person but the concept of doing something differently can be applied to most things.

Perceived expectations from friends and relatives can cause modern couples to buckle under pressure. For others, it’s an opportunity to surprise their guests and turn those expectations around. A positive trend for having a person you love, regardless of gender, as your go-to wedding helper is on the up too. The notion of a Best Woman or a Man of Honour is gaining popularity but could still raise eyebrows from the more traditional members in your bridal party.

These changes aren’t just gender based, the happy couple of the Millennium often have compromises to make based on a fusion of faith and culture which results in something new and individual, projecting and reflecting the personality of the bride, groom and their influences and influencers in a way that suits them both.

Indian Christian Wedding at  Creme de la Bride

The tradition of Giving Away has been changing for a long time. More and more modern brides are not really liking the connotations of being given away. Others are in a position where they’d like, or need, someone other than their Dad to take on the role for a whole spectrum of reasons. It’s not uncommon now for a bride to have children give her away or both parents or a best friend. There are weddings where bride and groom walk down the aisle together. All just as emotive as each other and all with a sentiment that is just as beautiful as any tradition.

Have the confidence to go with your own flow—after all, it’s your wedding. It should be a day that you cherish forever for the right reasons. Make it about the two of you and focus on how you’ll remember it. It’s your wedding and you want your guests to celebrate with you. If someone refuses to attend because you haven’t reflected their ideal wedding, that’s unfortunate but it isn’t a reason to change your plans.  Plan it well, be clear in what you want—and why you want it—and your modern day fairytale wedding will be perfect.

wedding roadster by Arthur Caranta Used by Creme de la Bride

Featured image: Sublime Cakes

Cheese roulade: The CheeseWorks

Indian Christian Wedding: Jabez Nelson

Roadster: Arthur Caranta

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