Gucci’s & Kenechi Wedding Story

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April 7, 2017
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The ceremony took place at St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Soho Square. We chose this venue for multiple reasons; proximity to reception, the beautiful details of the church, and it felt right. We wanted to start our journey there.

The Grand Connaught Rooms (GCR); We initially went for Plaisterer’s Hall, but had changed our minds immediately we saw the GCR. We had paid a deposit to Plaisterer’s Hall but thankfully for us, and unfortunately for them, they had a flood incident, so it made it easy for us to get a refund.

Who designed my dress?

The first dress was by Allure Bridals, I absolutely loved the silhouette. The second dress was by Ashley & Justin Bride. i wanted something that would give me some breathing room to party the night away! It was the perfect dress. They were both purchased from RK Bridal in New York.



What was the inspiration for your wedding?

The inspiration for our wedding for my love for colors and all things fabulous. I always wanted a colorful wedding since I was a little girl, so it was the perfect opportunity to have my dream wedding. The best part was that we got to spend it with 350 of our family and friends who had flown in from all over to celebrate with us. It was a truly humbling experience.


Our story:

I always start by saying this; we have different versions of how we met, but my version is the truth…

I knew KC when we were kids, because we grew up together, and had mutual family friends (he denies knowing me back then). But as we grew older, we basically went our separate ways because my family moved to a different city, and I went to the US at 17 for college and he was in England for A-levels.



On his birthday, I got a facebook notification, so I sent him a message to wish him happy birthday. I was in Medical school at the time, so he replied thanking me and asking me about Medical school. I was surprised that he knew I was in Medical school considering I hadn’t spoken to him or seen him in over 10 years. When I looked through his Facebook pictures, I was impressed at the hunk of a man he had grown to be, so I replied with so much excitement and friendliness, and we started exchanging messages back and forth. When I found out he was in Medical school as well, I became more interested, as we had so much in common to talk about. We also caught up on all the years through our messages.

I was in the Caribbean, in Grenada for medical school, and he was in Budapest, Hungary for medical school, so when he promised to visit me in Grenada, I thought he was joking. It was so far away, and I just thought there was no way he would fly that distance (12 hours) to see me. One day, he called to tell me he had bought his ticket to Grenada, and up until he came out (and he was the last passenger to come out), I did not truly believe it. He spent a week in Grenada, and to cut a long story short, that was best week of my life! I was extremely sad when he left.



We kept in touch, and talked as friends, and then he asked me to be his girlfriend 9 months later when I visited him in Budapest. For the record, I would also like to mention, that I beat him when we played Mortal Kombat on PS3, he was so impressed that he just had to ask me out! 🙂 🙂



Since that time (December 2010)  till date, we have been committed to making the relationship work. As students, we saved all our money to visit each other back and forth, and we have never gone up to 2 months without seeing each other. We have been each other’s major support systems, and are literally attached at the hip, even though we lived thousands of miles away from each other (He lived in the UK, and I lived in New Jersey, USA). We are both stubborn people, and butt heads sometimes, but there is no one else in this world that I would rather be with. We are both more on the artsy side, that on the geeky side, and that is what attracts us. We are both doctors, but we hate to study. We are prepared to watch a movie all day, listen to music all day, take pictures all day, sleep all day, laugh and gist all day, before we go and study. However, our extreme passion for what we do has helped us excel in Medicine.



We have fought many odds to be together, family included. When he proposed to me in May 25 of last year, I could not believe it! I obviously wanted him to propose, but every time, I brought up the “what are we doing” talk, he would say something that would make me almost give up. In fact, when I asked him “how far” in April of 2015, he told me that he was not ready to get married, so I just took my mind off the matter completely. We were on Vacation in Santorini Greece, when at 11:30pm at night he asked to go hiking. I was confused because it was hot weather, and he was all dressed up in a leather jacket, and had a bag packed with all sorts. I refused at first, but after much persuasion, I grabbed a jacket (because he had one on) and joined him. He started to walk towards the mountain that was close to where we staying, and I was hoping he had no plans of going there, because he had talked about hiking up the mountain throughout our trip. As he walked closer and closer towards the mountain i told him, I was turning back. He somehow managed to convince me, and i continued the journey. I was scared because it was dark, and we were the only people walking in the area. The hike up the mountain was extremely difficult, I thought I was going to pass out! I also kept saying, “KC if a wild animal eats me, my parents will not forgive you!” He kept saying, “Don’t worry, I am here with you!”. He also kept pulling out all sorts of fruits from his camping bag, and offering them to me to eat. He also pulled out his ipad, and started to play music. That worried me more, because I was so sure that would attract all the “wild animals”. We made it to the top, and honestly, I do not know how. As I was looking down to behold the amazing view, I turned around and KC had “disappeared”. My first thought was that something had attacked him and I am next. As I was searching for him, I saw a light from a distance, and when I walked towards it, I realized it was coming from the ring box, and he was down on one knee. He said a whole bunch of things, but I did not hear a single word! It was just blah blah blah blah, and then I heard, “Babe say something!” Of course, I said “Yessssss!!!’  I was extremely excited that although i did not remember most of the conversation afterwards, I remember him telling me that he chose May 25, because the numbers on my email address,, and all my log in IDs, gucci255, meant nothing, and he wanted them to be significant. I also hopped down that mountain with so much joy!



Fast forward to August 13, 2016 when we said “I do!” I remember, going through the day with flashbacks of all our memories going through my head. It was truly AMAZING! I am glad and grateful that I get to spend the rest of my life with KC…



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