Jennifer and Augustine’s Wedding Story

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July 4, 2017
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Jennifer shares how she met her husband nine years ago when embarking on the journey of attending college. Their wedding day truly appears to be one of joy, laughter, tradition, and family. Her words below will allow you to discover the destiny-filled events of their courtship, and understand the chance encounters that led to their wedding day.  Photography by Teshorn Jackson.

Bride: Jennifer Ejimole

Groom: Augustine Oboh

Wedding Date: 6th August, 2016

Wedding Inspiration: Nigerian

In 2007, I met Augustine at a local community college in Dallas, Texas. He was my admissions advisor and was preparing me for entrance into the school. When I approached his window, I saw his name tag and I knew that he was Nigerian (BIG plus). I was excited to talk to him at length about anything. But, of course, we were limited on time. I just kept to the business at hand, provided my necessary documents and followed his instructions.

jennifer-and-augustine-39jennifer-and-augustine-49 jennifer-and-augustine-51 jennifer-and-augustine-55 jennifer-and-augustine-60 jennifer-and-augustine-62 jennifer-and-augustine-65jennifer-and-augustine-84 jennifer-and-augustine-89jennifer-and-augustine-96jennifer-and-augustine-111jennifer-and-augustine-119jennifer-and-augustine-124jennifer-and-augustine-133jennifer-and-augustine-138   jennifer-and-augustine-168When he handed me my advising report, I remember actually making eye contact with him and thinking how handsome he was. The moment was very brief, but I knew that somehow I would see him later in life. I had instances over the course of my time at the college, that required me to go to the advising office repeatedly. I would get very excited about the prospect of running into Augustine, and I would get a little sad when he wasn’t there. I eventually forgot about my little crush and just assumed if we were meant to be in each other’s lives, we would.


In 2009, I was leaving class at Wooten Hall at the University of North Texas. While walking down the stairs, I thought I saw Augustine. We made eye contact, but he kept walking. I called out to him, he responded and we chatted briefly about life. I left that day thinking how unusual it was for me to see him at my school. But that wouldn’t be the only encounter I would have with Augustine at UNT.

In the Summer of 2010, I remember looking for a class in the Biology building, and who did I see but Augustine. He offered to walk me to class. During that summer, we kept bumping into each other at the same spot on campus. I started to realise that God was giving us a very big hint. Around December 2010, Augustine gave into fate and asked me out. We went on our first date and became a pair not too long afterwards.

jennifer-and-augustine-344 jennifer-and-augustine-364 jennifer-and-augustine-377 jennifer-and-augustine-392 jennifer-and-augustine-412 jennifer-and-augustine-432 jennifer-and-augustine-434 jennifer-and-augustine-437 jennifer-and-augustine-443 jennifer-and-augustine-507jennifer-and-augustine-530jennifer-and-augustine-539 jennifer-and-augustine-542 jennifer-and-augustine-546 jennifer-and-augustine-550 jennifer-and-augustine-579jennifer-and-augustine-585Nigerian Wedding Photographers

As the photographer noted, the wedding day started out very emotionally when Augustine opened up an album Jennifer had put together for him. There were images of a young Augustine and his dad, who had passed away after Augustine visited him in Nigeria.

jennifer-and-augustine-141 jennifer-and-augustine-143 jennifer-and-augustine-145jennifer-and-augustine-150 jennifer-and-augustine-153 jennifer-and-augustine-157 jennifer-and-augustine-163


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