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June 23, 2016
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It would appear that turning 50 isn’t just starting a new chapter; it’s embracing a new entity. Turning fifty is an era of contentment: you know who you are and you’re NOW believing that you are capable of even more. Women like Oprah Winfrey (American media proprietor, talk show host and producer) and Iman (Television personality, married to the late David Bowie) are happy to be past 50. They are enjoying this phase in their life where they can see what their hard work in business has accomplished, and they can have great satisfaction watching their digital businesses flourish and expand.

First, let’s take Iman. She is both beautiful and exceptionally gifted. In the 1970s, she was among the first African born women to take the modelling industry by storm and became Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘muse’. Furthermore, she launched her own brand, Iman Cosmetics, in 1994 to allow women of colour to find colours that matched their skin tones. Throughout her career she has paved the way for women of colour (of all ages) to be noticed and admired for their beauty and style. Being over fifty, Iman has extensive knowledge of the beauty industry to improve and enrich her beauty products, while also having enough wisdom to exude a self-assured confidence.  All these attributes enable her to perform well in any new venture. Thus, she is a success for others to aspire to. Fundamentally, her message to others is to treat yourself with care and to learn to admire the body you’re in: “Feeling beautiful isn’t about a trend or a particular look. It’s about treating yourself fabulously. No matter your age or your skin tone, you’ve got to love the skin you’re in.”

A belief in yourself equates to success, and it would appear that the older you get the easier it is to believe in yourself.

oprah winfrey

Now, let’s look at Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has celebrated both her 50th and 60th birthdays with a quiet but delightful gratitude. “All these years I’ve been taking lessons from life experiences and feeling like I was growing into myself. Finally, I feel grown. More like myself than I’ve ever been. If it’s true what Maya Angelou says, that the 50s represent everything you were meant to be, all I can say is, watch out.” Now in her sixties, Oprah can happily reflect on what her life has become and look on with gratitude at the fortune of her illustrious life.  “I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that the little girl from Mississippi who grew up holding her nose in an outhouse now flies on her own plane—my own plane!—to Africa to help girls who grew up like her.” Oprah has used both her wealth and wisdom to help others. Being older can allow a new vocation to root itself and, if you let it, these good deeds can bloom and flourish.

Being over fifty isn’t about trying to “keep it together”; it’s about setting yourself free to have the confidence and power to do everything you’ve ever dreamed of.











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