Exceptional Wedding Global Fashion and Traditions

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June 6, 2016
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We’re all accustomed to the familiar wedding rituals such as the tossing of the bridal bouquet, cutting of the cake, and the wearing of the veil to the exchanging of the rings, but it’s also intriguing to discover the ceremonial traditions of other places and cultures.

The white wedding dress originally goes back to the Victorian age, all because of the fashion-forward example of the infamous Queen Victoria, who was elegantly adorned wearing white satin silk. Because of that, many cultures have taken on the Western tradition of wearing a white wedding dress and veil.

Depending on local culture and religion, you will find many variations of wedding traditions, ranging from extremely lovely to a little offbeat or quirky.


Nigerian wedding attire for the women usually consists of gorgeously bright coloured full length gowns and amazing headdresses. The men will wear long robes or loose fitting shirts with matching pants, and they will don elaborate headwear. Nigerian wedding celebrations are centered on both families, eating, singing and dancing together.

Photography by Malachi Ajose


In China, the white wedding attire is a definite no-no because the colour white exemplifies death and mourning, so red is the popular wedding colour in this culture. Traditionally, the bride will also wear a red veil covering her face.

Photo by Kanegen/  CC BY


In Bali culture, the wedding ensemble is chosen based on the status of the family. A popular dress is the boldly coloured sonket which signifies celebrations and happiness, and each sonket also represents how socially high and wealthy the family is.

bali photo-by-Harry-Purnama at Creme de la Bride


In Bavaria, there is a delightful wedding tradition that entails while leaving the wedding chapel; the couple goes to a sawhorse with a log on top, and they have to saw the log in half together. This symbolizes their capability of standing together in circumstances that may come down their path during the years to come.


Please let us know what your wedding traditions are. We would love for you to share them with us!

Source credits: Ingle & Rhode

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Germany Wedding Image: www.flickr.com/photos/mrak75








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