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Bridal Bouquet Shapes and Designs

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June 24, 2015
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You carefully think through the design and shape of your wedding gown and the accessories that go with it but have you considered your bridal bouquet, shapes and designs that you have to choose from? A bridal bouquet is not just a bunch of pretty flowers tied together with a colorful satin ribbon. There are actually different bridal bouquet shapes and designs you can choose from. A magnificent bouquet of flowers in a distinct design can certainly speak a lot about your personal style, as well as complete your stunning wedding look.

Classic Round

Nothing is more traditional and classic than a round bridal bouquet. Neatly arranged in a tight globular pattern, this is a great bouquet design if you want to have a more formal display of flowers. It typically uses one type of flower in the same color or in different hues and varying sizes. However, different types of flowers can also be used. Known for its versatility, the stems are wrapped neatly with satin ribbons.

Photo Credit: Abby Bischoff 

Loose Round Posy

If you want a more relaxed look, the loose round posy is more organic. The flowers are still arranged in a round shape but in a more unstructured manner. This bridal bouquet design is excellent if you want to exude a more shabby chic look.

Photo Credit: Cat Mayer Studio Weddings



The nosegay is yet another round bouquet usually between 16 to 18 inches in diameter. Think of it as a slightly bigger version of a loose round posy composing of not just flowers, but greenery and sprigs of herbs as well. Also referred to as the tussie-mussie, the flowers are traditionally held together by a holder, usually made out of silver.

Photo Credit: Cat Mayer Studio Weddings



If you want to feel like a beauty queen bride, then a pageant bouquet may be the right one for you. Characterized by loosely tying long-stemmed flowers, it is arranged so that the stems rest on the your arms with the blooms laying near your elbows. This is perfect for statuesque brides wearing long flowing gowns or for plus-size brides.

Photo Credit: FestivitiesMN



This is a more carefree arrangement where different types of flowers and greens are assembled as if they are hand-picked. This unarranged gathering of flowers is usually tied together using a sheer organza ribbon to create that very rustic feel. This can be an excellent bouquet design for an outdoor-themed wedding.

Photo Credit: Blooms A Million



If you want to dramatic and over-the-top with your bouquet, the cascade or shower bouquet displays a cornucopia of flowers that drapes downward. This bouquet design allows you to play with an abundance of different flowers to create lushness. Usually, cascade uses vines or lily-of-the-valley to create a flowing arrangement. This is the best arrangement for a mermaid tail or trumpet wedding gown design.

Photo Credit: Kanonn



The pomander is great if you want to go more unconventional, yet classy at the same time, with your wedding bouquet design. The flowers are arranged around a foam oasis and can be held with a looped ribbon as if carrying a small purse. Apart from being a great bridal bouquet, this is also a great alternative to the traditional flower girl’s basket.

Photo Credit: Karen Morgan

When choosing your bouquet design, decide as if you are picking out your dream wedding dress. The right shape and design can add more drama to your overall bridal look.

Photo_Credit: Flickr: Katsu Nojiri, Abby Bischoff, Cat Mayer Studio Weddings, Cat Mayer Studio Weddings, FestivitiesMN, Blooms A Million,Kanonn, Karen Morgan.

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