Bloom with Your Blooms on Your Wedding Day

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June 12, 2017
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Flowers bring a certain feel to weddings like no other element can. This is the reason why some brides painstakingly do their research on the blooms that they want for their special day. The chosen flowers for the day, however, are not just there for decorative purposes. They have other meanings that would make them more integral to the entire ceremony itself.



Find out the meanings of these flowers. Go on a historical journey that explains the influence of culture and religion of your sacred bouquets.Throughout history, brides have also chosen flowers based on the flowers’ traditional meanings. Although most brides don’t consider this anymore, it can be a fun way to add deeper meaning and symbolism to your wedding.



Roses – Passionate Love

Known for their delicate beauty the world over, roses are considered as one of the most popular flowers for weddings. Available in different varieties, the favourite ones are hybrid tea roses, spray roses and garden roses. Preferred colours are white, yellow, and red. Available all year-round, they have delicious fragrances. The red variety is a powerful symbol of true love, while the white ones symbolise purity and innocence. And the pink rose is for love and gratitude. Aside from bouquets, they are also used for boutonnieres and corsages.



Magnolias – Love of Nature

Named after the French botanist Pierre Magnolia in the 1600s, this flower has more than 80 varieties. They include striking yellow, goldfinch, and the popular white Magnolia grandiflora. Each has its own distinct fragrance and meaning. White magnolias represent purity or perfection. The pink variety symbolises youth and innocence along with the joy. Green magnolias are for those who want prosperity as they represent good health and fortune. Good vibrations abound for those who prefer the purple ones. They align your wishes with your truth and physical health.



Stephanotis – Marital Happiness

Known to be deliciously fragrant and a bit waxy, stephanotis are extremely popular for weddings for a good reason. They signify the ultimate goal of all couples and that is marital happiness. Also known as the Madagascar jasmine, this flower has distinct petals and is available throughout the year. They are actually native to Madagascar, Australia and Africa. Stephanotis starts to bloom at the beginning of summer which is ironic because they need the continuous cool temperature to thrive.




Found in North America, Asia and Europe, peonies are bright flowers with a strong scent. Popularly used in wedding bouquets and decors, China and Indiana use them as their state flowers. Particularly attractive to couples who want successful marriages, peonies are known to symbolise good fortune and a happy marriage. Not to forget, these beauties were named from Paeon, the Greek god of healing and were used as medicine in ancient China. They come in shades of red, white, and yellow. A combination of the different shades would enable the creation of spectacular arrangements.

Not only are they good to look at, the beauty of blooms also enhances their symbolisms. May their meanings enable marriages to succeed.


Flower images and arrangement: Wildaboutflowers

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