16 Essentials for an Outdoor Summer Wedding

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August 14, 2016
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Summer…the season for long days and balmy nights…warm weather and lots of sunshine. It’s a great time to take advantage of the warm weather and long summer days to have an outdoor summer wedding. However, as idyllic as it may sound and appeal to the senses, having an outdoor summer wedding comes with it’s own set of challenges that most indoor weddings are not familar with.

Whilst you dream of having your wedding by the seaside, outdoor park or private rose garden, here are some essentials to bear in mind as you prepare for your outdoor summer wedding. That will ensure you and your guests have a great experience.

Essentials for an outdoor wedding:

Insect repellant sprays are great for outdoor summer weddings

Insect repellents – Summer is a season when the creepy crawlies abound. Particularly for outdoor weddings where the pollens in flowers and plants call out to bees and other insects. So, having insect repellants will come in handy. Citronella candles wade off insects so be sure to invest in some of those as well.

Blankets – Have these for the balmy nights when it gets cooler and guests need to wrap up warm or stay up for any late night fire works display

Flip flops – Your female guests especially will thank you for them! It helps to alleviate tired feet so your guests can truly enjoy themselves especially on the dance floor.

Cool drinks and ice buckets – The hot weather calls for cool drinks. Have a well stocked drinks station that will supply cool drinks for your guests throughout. Consider getting ice coolers or even a chiller for your drinks.

heater for outdoor summer wedding

Have lanterns, tea lights and torches – use them to light pathways, the way to restrooms etc.

Handheld fans (the handheld Japanese fans are my personal favourite) – will help with guests fanning themselves to keep cool.

Heaters – summer nights can turn cool quite quickly especially if you’re by the seaside. Control the temperature and don’t chase your guests away, by having outdoor heaters that will keep them warm.

Umbrellas – The British weather is unpredictable at the best of times. Have brollies to hand for when the heavens open (unexpectedly) in the midst of your outdoor celebrations.

Audio Visual equipment – Are you having an outdoor performance under the stars or need to make speeches out in the open? What about your entertainment? Whatever, the case, you want folks to be able to hear you. Be sure to sort out the audio visual requirements for your outdoor summer reception.

Generators (if your site doesn’t have outdoor electricity / power) – check voltage and the capacity for the generator. Ensure that it is compatible with your venue’s electrical requirements and can carry the voltage you require on the circuit before hiring one in.

Portable restrooms/toilets – especially if your venue doesn’t have an indoor base or if you’re getting married in a tipi for example. Guests will need to relieve themselves or powder their noses, so be sure to have this in place for them.

Shade and sunscreen (SPF cream) for when the sorching sun gets a bit unbearable.

light summer food for outdoor wedding

Light food is great for outdoor summer weddings. Go for light alfresco dining and keep the supply of light food available throughout the reception. So guests won’t go hungry on your watch.

Check parking for your guests – can they can park freely without any issues or need to rush off?

Heel protectors for your female bridal party and flip flops for when the feet starts to hurt!

Summer brings with it files and other unpleasant insects. Incorporate natural insecticides into your flowers like bunches of thyme, rosemary, mint and lavender to help wade them off.

Whilst all these hardly paint a romantic or picturesque picture of the idyllic outdoor wedding you dream of. They are practical things that once you put in place, will inevitably guarantee that you have an outdoor wedding of your dreams.

Happy Planning!

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comment (2)

    Superb tips! And don’t forget ice – nothing worse than a summer wedding with warm drinks 😉

    November 30, 2016
      Cynthia Adipue

      Indeed! Cool rinks all round with outdoor summer weddings.

      December 23, 2016

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